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5.0 / 5.0

Michael provided excellent and clear description of estate planning issues, answered all our questions, and prepared a family trust, wills, and medical health directives. He is very patient with people without a will or family estate plans.

— Client 09/20/2018

5.0 / 5.0

I spoke with Michael he is a Smart, kind, TRUTHFUL, he cares about people he gave me some great advice for free now days every one want to charge you. I learned there are still honest attorneys out there he is the best one I have had the pleasure to talk with.

— Client 05/29/2018

5.0 / 5.0

Mr. Weinstein promptly answered all the questions that I asked in the initial contact message - in one response. Straightforward. Exactly what I needed from a consultation.

— Client 06/15/2017

5.0 / 5.0

I needed to ask questions about a will / probate and I am out of state. He gave me lots of advice and what I needed to do in order to get things started. He also called me back with more information and this was a free consulation. He also said he would be glad to help if we decide to contest the will and or need help. Thank you very much,

— Client 02/19/2015

5.0 / 5.0

Michael Weinstein is very friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. He recently helped me with a probate matter, and thanks to his expertise, what could have been a horrible situation was able to be remedied just in time. I recommend him highly and would ask him to represent me in any future estate matters.

— Client 02/11/2014

5.0 / 5.0

I first discovered Michael here in Avvo. I set up a free initial consultation. Admittedly I came in with attitude because of several previous dealings with other lawyers. He kept his composure and professionalism and gave me great advice as to resolving my problem from a different angle and a different perspective. Michael is a blend of fatherly advice and a professor of law. I really enjoyed his explanations of the law and how it applied to my case. He was sensitive to keeping costs down unlike others I've encountered. He approaches legal issues from different angles than others I have dealt with, which is why I retained him in the first place. After resolution of that issue, I referred 2 of my cousins to Michael to pursue a related matter. They were leery at first, but I managed to convince them to go with Michael and see what happens. Then I had him review 2 other trust documents to be sure they were "solid". He identified weaknesses and strengths after determining what was needed. If all lawyers were like Michael, the profession would not have the bad reputation earned by those who pad their billable hours and fight any issue they can get over-paid for. Michaels knows the law. He tells you up front and honestly what he can and cannot do for you and is accurate in his estimation of hours to accomplish the tasks at hand. His billing practice provides a detailed explanation of what you are paying for, unlike the attorney for my sister-in-law who merely specifies x hours @ y rate = amount she owes. Michael could be and maybe is a model by which lawyers should interact with their clients in terms of communication, time accounting and application of the law. I went to Michael suspicious of lawyers and with negative notions about how they are as a profession. Michael has turned me around and proved to me there is at least one lawyer in the profession I can trust and will advocate my legal position with reason and not cost my arm and my leg or any other body part. This is a second career for Michael as you will note if you read his bio. He practices law for all the right reasons and will help you if he can and will tell accurately how much its going to cost. Otherwise, you are free to find one of those "other lawyers" we so often hear about. Thank you Michael for great representation.

— Client 09/11/2013

5.0 / 5.0

I would highly recommend Michael R. Weinstein to any trustee or family who are seeking legal assistance in trust distribution. Our family had some members who were not speaking to each other, due to unrealistic expectations of a larger inheritance. Nevertheless, Mr. Weinstein guided all matters to a resolution. His confident execution of trust law, plus his calm demeanor, were invaluable traits.

— Client 06/02/2013

5.0 / 5.0

Michael Weinstein has done a superb job for me since I first engaged his services for rewriting my Revocable Trust and other documents beginning in 2006. He did so efficiently, promptly, and knowledgeably, and I might add, always in an easy and pleasant manner. Recently, I asked Michael to update my trust to reflect the fact that I now live in France. Knowledgeable of the laws that apply here and in the US, he again did an excellent job without delay. Another thing that makes Michael so easy to work with is his easy and friendly approach. For me it is always a delight to exchange e-mails and phone calls with him.

— Client 02/13/2013

5.0 / 5.0

Mr. Michael Weinstein is the type of attorney that gives back to the community with his vast knowledge & experience in the areas of Wills/Trust. Extremely patient and will let you ask all the questions to answer your needs. What a true pleasure having dealt with this gentleman of character, in my time of need. Highly recommend him without hesitation....Paul G. Orange, CA.

— Client 07/08/2011

5.0 / 5.0

We knew we needed to set up a trust but were concerned because all we head were stories about people who had a trust but missed too many details so the trust wasn't that helpful. Mr. Weinstein answered all of our questions, gave us education and information about details tailored to our situation, and guided us through lots of "what if? scenarios. He did extra research to find out more about what we needed to do to protect our assets. He was very patient.

— Client 05/23/2011

5.0 / 5.0

He was on top of all issues from the beginning.He gave me complete attention. His fees are quite reasonable. He made sure that I understood everything. I had acess to him when I needed him. I strongly recommend him to friends who need the best attorney they can find. He is most trustworthy and reliable.

— Client 05/22/2011

5.0 / 5.0

Mr. Weinstein has helped my company with various legal matters related to my business and he has always been prompt and responsive every step of the way. What I appreciate the most is Mr. Weinstein’s “being ahead of the game” attitude, making sure to turn every stone there is.

— Client 05/20/2011

5.0 / 5.0

Mr Weinstein recently handled our family's probate. We would recommend him without reservation. He kept us well informed throughout the process. His professionalism inspires confidence. We are grateful for his help.

— Client 05/18/2011